Sunday, July 8, 2007

APRIL 27th - Maegan had a dance recital. Maegan's cousin, Jessica, takes classes from the same place and had separate classes but performed at Mountain View on same day as a very big production.

APRIL 25TH - Daniel and Maegan had their "Spring Sing" Concert, where they sang wonderfully. Of course I heard them sing, because they were the best!!

They were so good that our neighbor came to see hem perform. Her name is Morgan.
Our Baby turned 3 years old on the 15th of April. She had a little party with freinds and family. She had a princess birthday cake and lots of gifts from all.

Easter Sunday - in the morning we came out to some "very well" organized easter baskets full of sugar, little toys, and always something spiritual and Christ centered (most of the time its a book).

We then go to church in our new outfits or ties. And who doesn't enjoy some silly pictures.

This was a very Scary one! -

You can decide which one of us looks most afraid?

The end of March and all of April were very busy. It started with baseball. Other than trying to make it to all of Daniel and Maegan's games... Danny actually Coached both.

Maegan had her first year in "Coach Pitch" girls softball. Antonio Cordova and Danny had a blast coaching the team of great girls.

Daniel had his first year in Minors baseball. Robert Wilson and Danny coached the team. The team was made up of mostly 61st ward boys. Daniel made a great improvement in his game and may have a great future as a catcher - he did awesome.

Monday, July 2, 2007


March 13 - 17
We went to Disneyland during Spring Break. We had a blast and hope to make it back again this year as we were able to get the annual passes for all of us. Grampa Moore came with us.
It was a BLAST!!!


These pictures Grampa Moore took.